Unexpected Consequences

Anne Moore, Printmaker

Each of the prints represented here is an original piece of art, created by heart and hand, and the use of a press. The linocuts are made from hand-cut linoleum blocks and reproduced in limited editions. The monotypes are one-of-a-kind (thus "mono"), built up from layers of imaginative forms on inked plates. Each is unique to itself. Printmaking, a delicate art from a heavy press, who'd have thought?

Mola Ducks

New book available!

Art Under Pressure book cover

Art Under Pressure

Creativity, Discovery, and Evocative Layers of Ink on Paper

by Anne Moore

Art Under Pressure is a collection of my work as a printmaker. Each unique piece is the result of technique, experience and intuition transferred under pressure from a plate to fine paper. Also included in the book is an explanation of my techniques, a definition of terms, and an abbreviated step-by-step of how I do it. Part retrospective, part catalog, I hope the book will be a useful tool for others in the field, and a treasure for any lover of art, intrigue and beauty.

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